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Safety Plan

Updated: Dec 23, 2021

Your safety and the safety of our staff are of the utmost importance to us. Our goal is to ensure everyone feels safe and comfortable while visiting or working at the JBI. Our commitment to the safety of our community will result regular reviews and improvements to our safety strategy. We encourage all to review our safety plan prior to visiting the JBI Pub or JBI Restaurant.

Effective Dec 23rd, 2021 all guests are required to be seated while visiting the JBI as per the current public health mandate. No mingling, masks must be worn while not seated. There is also a mandate of no more than 6 people per table and all visitors must have their vaccine passport scanned and verified with valid government identification. Due to the new mandates pool and darts are suspended until further notice.


edited: Effective October 24th, 2021, all dine in guests over the age of 12 are required to show proof of being fully vaccinated with valid government identification as per the current public health orders. For more information about the current public health orders, proof of vaccination or how to get vaccinated visit

Edits made: June 24th, 2020, August 16th, 2020, September 4th, 2020, November 19th, 2020, November 20th, 2020 & November 29th, 2020, May 21, 2021, July, 12,2021, September 12, 2021, October 24th, 2021, December 23, 2021.

Condiments/ Salt & Pepper Shakers will only be available by request.
Salt And Pepper Shakers / Condiments will only be available upon request & sanitzed between uses.

This plan represents our front of house strategy where it directly pertains to our COVID-19 safety plan. It is intended to enhance our current safety measures and is not a representation of a total safety plan. The JBI has and will continue to do everything we can to maintain our excellent record of guest and staff safety. We will do everything we can to have the latest information, maintain compliance at all times & update all of you of any changes as they happen. 

Anyone who has any questions, concerns or recommendations about any of our policies including safety measures is asked to"immediately" reach out to the manager on duty at the time.

The JBI Pub and JBI Cafe/Restaurant will reopen on June 24th, We will be accepting walk-ins based on availability and our ongoing commitment to upholding COVID-19 health and safety protocols set by local and provincial authorities. This plan will be updated as required by law or as we or you see ways we can improve. To ensure you have the latest information please review this policy before each visit.

While many of these safety measures and protocols remain the same, others enhance our efforts in helping keep our community safe and preventing the spread of COVID 19. Please note that the JBI reserves the right to refuse service to anyone who appears to have any symptoms of illness or refuses to work within our safety standards. 

Masks or face shields are required to be worn by all staff serving the public.

What to expect when you arrive


  1. As of November 19th, 2020 the province of British Columbia has issued a mask mandate for all indoor public spaces. All guests are expected by law to be wearing a mask when entering the JBI Pub, JBI Restaurant and the JBI Hotel. Guests may only remove their mask once they are sitting at their table or inside their hotel room. Guests must put their mask back on as they leave, use the washroom or leave their table for any reason.

  2. When there is a wait to be seated, guests are required to exercise social distancing of no less than 2 meters or 6 feet. 

  3. Guests are asked not to block doorways to allow for social distancing while other guests, visitors and staff exit or enter the building.

When coming in the front door, please wait to be seated, view our safety poster & sign in for contact tracing.


It is the policy of the James Bay Inn, JBI Pub and JBI Cafe/Restaurant that no person be permitted on or in the premises who is feeling unwell. This includes staff, guests, contractors and all visitors. We kindly ask that anyone who has been sick or not feeling well to stay home. 

  1. Guests must sign in and provide their contact information such as your name and phone number for contact tracing purposes. The information is treated as confidential and will not be shared with any third party, except when required by law. 

  2. We are requesting guests, staff and visitors the James Bay Inn to walk as you would drive and keep to the right whenever possible. 

  3. When greeted at the door, greeter will advise guests of our menu availability on our mobile website or This mobile site has been specifically set up to help avoid using print menus whenever possible. Upon request staff will provide access information to the James Bay Inn free wifi. 

  4. Guests are reminded that washing their hands is one of the best ways to avoid the spread of COVID-19. Upon request staff will share the location of the washrooms so guests can wash their hands with soap and water. There will be a hand sanitizing stations located at the entrance of the James Bay Inn Pub, James Bay Inn Restaurant and the James Bay Inn Hotel. 

  5. Groups of more than 6 people will not be permitted.

  6. Tables will be no less than 6 feet away from each other. We kindly ask that all guests respect the positioning of chairs and tables by not moving tables together or joining other parties. 

  7. When booth seats in the Cafe are used and the distance of 6 feet is not possible, plexiglass barriers have been installed between tables. The combination of the bench seat and plexiglass will be no less than 6 feet in height.

  8. The James Bay Inn Pub has installed plexi-barriers where the potential for exposure of covid is a possibility and social distancing is not possible.

  9. All staff are required to wear masks while working in public spaces.

Plexiglass barriers where social distancing can not be done.

Guest Experience

The JBI family wants everyone to have an enjoyable experience when visiting us while at the same time maintaining our commitment to the health and safety of our staff, guests and visitors. Things might look a little different at first glance but we remain committed to helping you enjoy your time at the JBI. 

  1. Print menus will be available upon request. However, we are encouraging guests who are able to use the mobile menu at to please do so. All print menus will be single-use. Used menus will be recycled as per our ongoing commitment to the environment while enhancing our safe practices.

  2. All tables, seats and plexiglass barriers will be wiped down and sanitized between uses.

  3. Staff are required to wash their hands or sanitize frequently.

  4. Staff on their own choosing may use supplied gloves, face coverings, shields or other personal protective equipment. Mandatory face coverings will be worn by all staff dealing with the public or working in spaces less than two meters from each other.

  5. Servers will do everything they can to avoid reaching past guests by setting down or retrieving items from the sides of tables in which the items are easily picked up or dropped off with the shortest amount of reach.

  6. Guests who request to take leftovers home will be responsible for placing leftovers in to-go containers supplied by the JBI. 

  7. Used cutlery and dishes will be kept away from other guests and will be done so in compliance with VIHA regulations. 

  8. Clean cutlery and dishes will be kept away from the public and in a manner that complies with VIHA regulations.

  9. Condiments and salt and pepper will only be placed on tables upon request.

  10. Dartboards will be available on a first-come basis and can only be used by one group at a time. Groups playing darts are limited to groups of six people. Where one group is playing darts another group will not be permitted to use a vacant dartboard until the first group has left the dartboard area.

  11. Until further notice, the pool table will not be available for use by guests, staff or visitors.

  12. Hand sanitizer will be provided to guests upon request.

  13. We are asking guests that there be no more than two people permitted in washrooms at one time. Guests are required to exercise social distancing when waiting for their turn to use the washroom or using the washroom.

  14. Washrooms will be maintained on a regular basis to ensure cleanliness, maintenance and supplies.

  15. Guests who cough or sneeze are asked to do so into their arms and away from other guests and staff.

  16. While cash will be accepted, at this time we prefer payment by card.

  17. This policy will remain on our website for the public to review at any time and will be updated as changes happen.

We have enhanced our sanitizing procedures

Staff Safety

  1. All staff are required to wear a mask, shield or face covering while serving the public or working where social distancing cannot be established.

  2. Prior to the start of their shift, staff are required to check-in with their immediate supervisor. It is then that the supervisor will verify that the staff member is not experiencing flu-like symptoms or not feeling well. 

  3. All staff are strictly prohibited from working while feeling sick. Staff who are not feeling well will immediately be sent home. 

  4. Staff who are not feeling well will not be permitted to return to work without either a 14 day isolation period or until they have followed the instructions of a healthcare professional.

  5. Any staff member who is not feeling well can call 811 for an assessment of symptoms and should always follow the instructions given.

  6. Masks, gloves, shields, sanitizer and other personal protective equipment will be available to staff and provided by the JBI at no charge to the employee upon request.

  7. Personal Protective equipment that employees voluntarily provide for themselves must be approved by their immediate supervisor. Keeping in mind with the changing conditions, what is allowed today may not be allowed tomorrow. 

  8. All high touch areas will be wiped and sanitized including but not limited to door handles, walls, bank machines, pull-tab machines, keypads, and payment terminals.

  9. Staff are encouraged to use the JBI’s open-door policy.  Any staff member that may have any questions, concerns or recommendations is welcome to speak to their immediate supervisor. If for whatever reason this isn’t feasible we invite them to speak with the general manager, Ric Allen. 

  10. All staff members are required to work safely by following the recommendations and policies provided to them within this plan, WorkSafe BC and other provincial and local authorities. 

Final thoughts: Guests, Staff & visitors are invited to share their experience while visiting at the James Bay Inn by speaking to the manager on duty or dropping us an email at

Thank you for your continued support,

Management of the James Bay Inn

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