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The Twelve Days of Christmas at the JBI

Updated: Dec 10, 2022

Update: Please note due to the wind storm on December 9th, 2022 the James Bay Inn lost power and as such had to close early. Because of this, our December 9th prize of a $100.00 JBI Gift Card will be given away on December 10th, 2022. This will be in addition to our December 10th prize of a Phillips Retro Cooler.

The Holidays officially kick off as the James Bay Inn Pub has teamed up with our good friends at Phillips Brewing to spread some holiday cheer!

Twelve Days, Twelve Prizes and Twelve different 15 secondary prizes to be won!

Join us each week during the month of December for prizes, fun and $6.75 a pint Phillips Beer.

Because contests are intended to be fun and fair, and to encourage fair play for all, here are the official James Bay Inn Pub Rules for the 12 Days of Christmas giving.


  1. Must be 19+ to participate.

  2. Prizes are offered as is, no exchanges or warranties and prizes offer no dollar value.

  3. You must be present at the JBI Pub at the point of announcement in order to claim your prize.

  4. Calendar Prizes: To maximize our holiday cheer, entrants can only win a total of one main prizes listed on the holiday calendar for the entire 12 days of Christmas. No one entrant can win or claim more than a total of one main prize (Dec 2nd-Phillips Classic Sweater, Dec 3rd $100 Thrifty's Gift Card, Dec 8th, Steam Whistle Back Pack, Dec 9th James Bay Inn Gift Card $100.00, Dec 10th Phillips Retro Cooler, Dec 15th Phillips Brewing Gift Card, Dec 16th Peacock Billards Free Play Voucher, Dec 17th JBL Portable Speaker, Dec 22nd Phillips Swag Back, Dec 23rd 50" Flat Screen Smart T.V. , Dec 29th Canucks Jersey or Dec 31st Dobell Designs Retro Beer Fridge) during the entire contest period December 1st, 2022 - December 31st, 2022. 12. All prizes on the Holiday Calendar are considered to be main prizes.

  5. Secondary Prizes: Those who have not won a prize or have won a main prize on a different night are eligible for secondary prizes consisting of JBI and/or Phillips hats and t-shirts, and JBI Gift Cards to be won throughout the month of December.

  6. Eligible entrants have the opportunity to win a maximum of one prize per contest night.

  7. Any entrant determined to be a Grinch using unfair tactics or behaviour will be disqualified from winning any prize forward in the 12 Days Of Christmas. It's Christmas, it's a wonderful time to be thankful for what you have. Even the little things.

  8. Ballots can be obtained by requesting one from your server.

  9. Winners are announced between 5pm-6pm unless otherwise specified.

  10. No purchase is required to enter or win any contest at The James Bay Inn Pub. That is how we role.

  11. The 12 days of Christmas Contest is at the sole discretion of the James Bay Inn Pub and can be modified in whole or in part at anytime without notice.

  12. Any questions regarding the 12 days of Christmas contest can be addressed via email at

Merry Christmas!

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